Moto 360 shipping to Canadian Google I/O attendees in October

Canadian attendees of Google I/O this past summer, all of whom were promised a Moto 360 smartwatch, will have to wait a while longer to get theirs.

Google began sending out shipping confirmations to Americans last week, coinciding with the release of Motorola’s first smartwatch in stores, but Canadians aren’t so lucky. Perhaps to correspond with its own retail release, Google “will begin international shipments in October.”

The company also notes that because it is being shipped from the U.S., duties or taxes may be due on delivery, for which the receiver is solely responsible.

Here’s the full text of the email:

Hi _____,

Thank you for providing your shipping address.

We are happy to confirm that we will be sending you a Moto 360. The address you provided is outside of the US, and we will begin international shipments in October. You will receive a tracking number closer to that time.

Important information about devices received as part of the I/O giveaway
The device received as part of this I/O giveaway is intended for development use.  The device is shipping from the U.S. and may create an obligation to pay duties or taxes, for which you are solely responsible. Please note that we are unable to process warranty replacements or exchanges outside of the United States for these giveaway devices. For warranty purposes, devices received as part of I/O are treated as if they had been purchased in the U.S. Some devices may not come with a warranty. Please refer to the device documentation for more info.