Google Voice gets support for MMS messages on Rogers, Bell, and TELUS

Google has announced the expansion of carrier support for MMS messages for Google Voice users in the United States and Canada.

Alex Wiesen, who works on Google Voice, announced that Mountain View has been working with 100 carriers across North America to bring expanded carrier support for MMS over the service.

Among them are Canada’s Big Three. Wiesen says Rogers, Bell, and TELUS now support MMS messages sent to and from Google Voice, a feature that has been noticeably absent for users since Google Voice launched (unless you count the minimal support offered to customers in the U.S. via T-Mobile and Sprint).

The news follows Google’s further integration of Google Voice and Hangouts, which means users can now receive MMS messages as well as SMS messages right in the Hangouts app on their phones. Happy days!

A quick test of the service here at the MobileSyrup offices yielded mixed results. When I tried to send MMS via Google Voice, Douglas’ phone just showed just a link, despite my phone displaying the photo just fine (in Hangouts). When Douglas sent me an MMS, it showed up just fine.

[source]Alex Weisen[/source]