Google announces release of x86 64-bit Android L developer preview emulator image

Android robot

As we creep closer to Google’s rumoured release date for Android L, things seem to be moving along quite nicely for developers. Google last night announced the availability of the x84 64-bit Android L developer preview emulator image.

Last night’s release will allow developers to start testing 64-bit apps, which are capable of accessing increased addressable memory space as well as a larger number of registers and new instruction sets. Speaking via the Android developers G+ page, Google said developers with apps built entirely in Java won’t have to do anything, because their apps don’t require any modifications for running on 64-bit architecture.

Google announced native 64-bit support with Android L at Google I/O earlier this summer. The company is expected to release Android L in early November, with recent rumours suggesting November 1st is the big day. We expect to see a lot more of Android L when Google announces this year’s hotly anticipated  flagship Nexus smartphone.