Sony to build its first dedicated smartphone factory in 20 years

Sony Xperia Z5

Despite its mobile division posting a US$1.82-billion operating loss last year, Sony has been adamant that it has no plans to stop producing smartphones; in fact, it appears the company is preparing to make a significant investment into its mobile future.

Nikkei, Japan’s largest business-focused publication, is reporting the electronics giant plans to break ground on a new smartphone-focused factory in Thailand. The plant will be wholly owned by Sony, and will oversee the entire start-to-finish production of the company’s line of smartphones. Smartphones are expected to start rolling off its assembly line at some point during the company’s fiscal 2016 year.

This marks the first time Sony has opened a new mobile-focused manufacturing facility in more than 20 years. in 1995, the company built a plant in Beijing, China.