Twitter’s CEO apologizes to third-party developers, says the company will communicate better

During the Twitter Flight developer conference on Wednesday, new full-time CEO Jack Dorsey issued an apology to third-party developers.

“Our relationship with developers got confusing, unpredictable,” said Dorsey, referring to the company’s often fraught history interacting with outside developers.

“We want to come to you today and apologize for the confusion.”

Dorsey, who’s also the CEO of mobile payments company Square, went on to promise the company will work to better communicate with anyone that wants to develop apps for the platform.

Dorsey ended his keynote with invitation to tell the company what it can do better. “Tweet at us what you’d like to see at Twitter. Tweet with the hashtag #helloworld, we will take all of this information and input to make decisions over time to make sure the platform is something you’re proud of and will use more and more,” he said.

“It won’t happen overnight, but I’m convinced we’ll make the right decisions.”

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