BlackBerry Priv’s signature apps now available on Play Store

BlackBerry DTEK

With the Priv, BlackBerry’s first Android powered smartphone, shipping in less than two weeks, the company has uploaded some of the smartphone’s signature apps to the Google Play Store.

Included in the upload are BlackBerry DTEK, as well as the company’s keyboard, launcher, and the Priv’s camera app.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear non-Priv owners can download these apps. When I tried to download new BlackBerry applications, the store told me they were incompatible with my Moto X Play. It’s a shame since it’s unlikely there’s any technological reason these apps should not work on my smartphone — or almost any other modern Android device for that matter — and I’m sure there are probably a variety of people that would have at least liked to try BlackBerry’s keyboard on their phone.

Still, each app’s description is interesting because it provides in-depth overview of various features — it’s almost like BlackBerry knew its fans would be interested in this type of information.

In particular, the page dedicated to BlackBerry DTEK gives us our best look at the app yet  — to date, BlackBerry has been vague about its functionality, simply stating that the app helps the user manage the safety and security of their smartphone. Here we find out DTEK is is capable of, among other things, providing a comprehensive overview of all the permissions the user has granted to the app they’ve installed. In addition, the app is able to scan the user’s device and provide suggestions on how to improve overall security.

Check out the other pages through the links below.

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