Purchasing a Nexus 5X? Be careful which case you buy

Nexus 5X

Current and future Nexus 5X owners will want to watch out what case they purchase to protect their shiny new Android phone, as multiple third-party cases are shipping with a design flaw that impedes the phone’s voice functionality.

The flaw was spotted by Reddit user brucensb when he noticed his Spigen Ultra Hybrid case covered a seemingly nondescript hole on the bottom of the device. That hole, it turns out, is the Nexus 5X’s primary microphone. Obviously, covering it leads to situations where it’s hard for the person on the other side of a phone call to hear the Nexus 5X user. Other posters point to cases from Diztronic, Verus and Cruzerlite suffering from the same problem.

To their credit, all three of the latter manufacturers have pulled the offending cases from e-commerce websites like Amazon.ca and said they have plans to rework their design. Diztronic has even promised to send revised cases to anyone that purchased its original Nexus 5X case.

So if you’re buying a case for the Nexus 5X, keep out an eye out so you don’t get burned.

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