Telus and Videotron make Canadian Business “Best Brands 2016” list

Canadian Business, a Rogers-owned business and marketing publication, has compiled a list of 25 companies that it deems to be ‘Canada’s Best Brands 2016.’

The results were based on findings from an online survey conducted in May on 1,868 participants, by the Rogers Consumer Insights Team. The survey asked five questions that surrounded the company’s reputation, such as the quality of its products and/or services; its customer service; its commitment to innovation; community involvement; and the overall view of the brand. In order to be included in the list the brand must have originated in Canada, and “have a broad consumer profile [with] a significant presence in two or more regions across the country.”

Leading the list was MEC, followed by Cirque du Soleil, WestJet, and Tim Hortons. From a mobile perspective, two Canadian companies made the cut: Telus, 21st, and Videotron in 7th place.

Videotron, which is owned by Quebecor, has over 700,000 wireless subscribers, made the list for its rebranding of its image and dominance in Quebec. “From a smart logo update to sleek retail stores to its effervescent advertising, Vidéotron acts like a competitor even when it doesn’t have to, and that’s attractive for Quebec’s choice-starved telecom customers,” said the report.

Telus, Canada’s second-largest wireless carrier with 8.35 million subscribers, is known as the caring brand in telecommunications, mainly for the animal branding it gained when it acquired Clearnet in 2000.

[source] Canadian Business, Twitter [/source]