YouTube now supports native VR video for its entire library

YouTube has been the leading provider of online video since it first launched, and the company’s continuing push to find the next big thing in online video means it is constantly trying new things. Google Cardboard, an extremely simple and versatile virtual reality experience in a cardboard box, gives YouTube users on Android a way to easily experience virtual reality with the existing mobile phones.

Today, YouTube is pushing the VR boundaries one step further, supporting virtual reality video natively in its Android app. Find a video that supports VR (Google has a playlist to get you started here), and you’ll be able to use your cardboard viewer to watch 3D and 360 degree video right on your phone.

In addition to supporting VR video natively in YouTube on Android, the update today will also let users switch to VR mode with ANY video in YouTube’s catalogue. The company has created what they describe as a virtual movie theatre, blocking out your surroundings and letting you focus on the content.VR_MODE_660_WHT

You can grab the update right now from Google Play, and if you don’t have a Google Cardboard viewer, find out how to get or make one.

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