It’s 1984 for HTC with its latest One A9 commercial

There is no question that new HTC One A9 resembles one of the most popular smartphones on Earth. The company outwardly said that its latest flagship has a “design worth imitating.” With the One A9, HTC is forging a new path that hopes to attract iPhone users who are fond of the design but might want to give the latest version of Android a shot.

Perhaps not surprisingly, HTC’s latest commercial for the One A9 also resembles Apple’s classic ‘1984’ commercial, updated to entice Android users. Speckled throughout the piece are references to ‘be different’ and ‘break free.’ The main character also jumps on a table and kicks a spread of white apples. It doesn’t get much more explicit than that.

The Marshmallow-powered One A9 is available for Canadians to pre-order now through its online store for $549.99, then beginning 12:01am on November 7th the price will increase by $100.

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