Blocks’ modular smartwatch Kickstarter smashes stretch targets and adds AMOLED display


With nine days still to go in Blocks’ modular smartwatch Kickstarter campaign, the London-based company has raised over over $1.4 million from over 4,450 backers, destroying the smartwatch’s initial $250,000 goal, as well as various stretch targets.

In a recent announcement, Blocks revealed that in addition to offering modular hardware, the company also wants the shells that cover the modules to be open as well. Blocks is encouraging companies and future Blocks designers to create their own unique covers, complete with customizable colours and designs.

In terms of other updates, Blocks now plans to coat its smartwatch’s AMOLED display with scratch resistant Gorilla Glass. The final US$1.2 million stretch goal, which the smartwatch smashed late yesterday, adds a metallic coating option to the wearable, allowing people to apply a metallic finish to the smartwatch at a price point of $12 for its core module, and $5 for each additional watch piece.

Blocks says it plans to make CAD files of its modular smartwatch available for 3D printing purposes.