Cyanogen plans to compete globally with Android in 2016


Cyanogen isn’t exactly a household name in mobile software, but its operating systems are highly regarded by its users. The company is working hard on a version of its open source CyanogenMod OS based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, slated to be released by the end of the year.

In Amsterdam yesterday, at the Big Android BBQ, Cyanogen discussed some of their plans for 2016, and they feature grand desires. In stark contrast to the sub-$100 Android phones full of bloatware that are released but never supported with any updates, Cyanogen aims to provide a cleaner experience that will keep older hardware supported much longer.

The company also mentioned the goal of launching phones with partners all over the world, similar to the Android One program, but again without the problems that have plagued cheaper Android phones. There was also a mention of a possible future flagship handset from Cyanogen, but CTO and founder Steve Kondik was reluctant to give any possible details.

Finally, a Marshmallow-based update to Cyanogen OS, the commercial version of CM13, should be ready for its debut early next year, taking advantage of the new set of extensibility tools coming with CM13. Coming through on even some of these lofty promises would make this a huge year for Cyanogen.