Google sunsets the Nexus 6, pulls it from online store

Google has removed the Nexus 6 from its online store, marking an end to a product that was, despite its relatively high quality, met with mixed response from critics and users alike.

The Nexus 6, which was released in late 2014, proved to be an unfortunate side step from the popular Nexus 5, yielding a product too cumbersome and expensive for the average Android user. Even today, despite the proliferation of phablets throughout the Android world, the Nexus 6’s size is considered on the extreme side.

Now that the phone has been replaced by two others, the state of Google’s first-party product line is looking decidedly more positive. Users have two devices to choose from, in the smaller, cheaper Nexus 5X and the luxurious metal Nexus 6P, and both feature ergonomics considerably more approachable than the oversized Nexus 6.

Even though several Canadian carriers still sell the Nexus 6, let’s pour one out for the giant phone few people bought.