Game of the Week: Chameleon Run – Colour switching madness


Want a reflex-based mobile game to play this weekend? Look no further than Saskatoon-based Noodlecake Games’ and Hyperbolic Magnetism’s Chameleon Run, a colour-shifting endless running that dropped last month for iOS.

Being successful at the game requires fast reflexes and an attention to detail. One accidental colour switch will start your run all over again, dropping your high score and progress through the stage.


If the concept of a colour switching game sounds unusual, it’s because the game’s Czech republic-based developer is colourblind, resulting in Chameleon Run’s unique aesthetic direction.

Unlike most endless runners, Chameleon Run also isn’t actually “endless.” Instead its level-based with each stage featuring three different objectives to complete. Achieving these goals unlocks a different speed burst as well as time trials after a stage has been totally finished.

While the game initially seems simple, like most mobile titles, later levels become increasingly challenging, in some cases requiring countless play through before you nail your run perfectly.

Similar to many arcade-focused mobile games, Chameleon Run is at its best when you’ve memorized the layout of a stage, creating a zen-like feeling of progression as you bound over colour-coded objects, vying to carve a few seconds off your last run.

Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run is available on both iOS for $2.79 and Android for $2.59