Learn five new things every day with Curiosity [App of the Week]

Love to learn? The Curiosity app provides you with free daily brain food to broaden your knowledge base on a wide variety of topics.

Upon first opening the app, it’ll ask you when you’d like your facts delivered — morning, afternoon or evening. Every day subsequently the app will refresh with five new facts that can be clicked on and expanded to view articles and videos further speaking on the topic.


My first facts included “The Tuskegee Airmen became America’s first black military aviators during Jim Crow,” and “Heladeria Coromoto is the ice cream parlour with the most flavors in the world — nearly 900.” The facts can be swiped through in an exceedingly intuitive manner and each fact has a thoughtful and aesthetically-appealing design.

At the end of your facts, the app shows which were considered the most interesting by your fellow app users. If you’re feeling extra curious on any given day, you can also select the ‘Subjects’ tab to find facts on a wide range of subjects, such as art, computers, behaviour and genetics.

Curiosity is freely available for both Android and iOS.

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