Pokémon Go’s holiday event aims to help players catch Gen 2 Pocket Monsters

After a silent few months following the furor surrounding the mobile game’s initial release, Niantic is now rolling out special events and updates to Pokémon Go at a rapid pace.

The latest update aims to help players catch the Gen 2 Pokémon eggs the developer recently added to the game, including “baby” Pocket Monsters such as Togepi, Pichu and several other creatures originally discovered in the game’s Johto region.

According to Niantic, between December 25th and January 3rd, players will have a greater chance of catching the recently added new pocket monsters. Additionally, you’ll also be able to utilize a single-use Incubator every day following the first flip of a PokéStop’s photo disc.

The developer also says that the Pikachus clad in “festive hats” are sticking around the game a little longer. Just yesterday Niantic released Pokemon Go’s long-awaited Apple Watch companion app.

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