Make your New Years resolution ‘Drink more beer’ with Untappd [App of the Week]

There’s a social platform for everything these days, and beer is not exempt.

Like Goodreads for book lovers or Vivino for wine connoisseurs, Untappd lets you communicate with fellow beer fans, log and rate past beers, source new ones and earn badges for being adventurous.

The app features a simple UI — which is not the case for all apps in this genre, particularly GoodReads — with a pleasant brown and yellow-themed material design look. The most critical tool is set apart from the rest of the buttons in the top left-hand corner. Users click it to open a section where they can scan or search for a beer they’re drinking, then rate it and leave a comment.

untappd beer app 2

Below, in the the first of five tabs across the top of the screen is the user’s feed, which shows recent beers drunk, badges and other updates from friends on the app. From there users can also access groups and nearby updates from strangers.

The next tab lets users search their surroundings for nearby venues, events, beers and breweries as well as take a look at the trending and top-rated beers on the platform. Following that, there’s a functional tab for adding and searching friends, then a profile tab where users can check their beer list, wish list, venues list and badges. The last tab holds notifications and brew-related news alerts.

untappd beer app 3

With comprehensive functionality and a growing user base, it’s a must-download for anyone aiming to become a better beer buff in 2017.

Untappd is available for free from Google Play and the App Store.