Blip your life with blippAR [App of the Week]

BlippAR App on an iPhone

Image recognition software is still in its infancy when it comes to potential use cases, but with blippAR, it’s much easier to visualize what this software could eventually evolve into.

blippAR is an app that uses image recognition capabilities to recognize the objects around you and provide you with additional information about them. By holding up the app with your phone’s camera open, a scanning wheel will begins to turn as the app identifies what the object in front of it is.

BlippAR App object identification screenshot

Once the object has been identified, the user can find out more about that object by clicking the label that appears at the bottom of the display.

The app uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to identify objects and pull up other facts and information about them. While the function of blippAR is limited at the moment, what it’s already achieved in image recognition and AI could be used in a plethora of other sectors, in particular retail.

BlippAR App screenshot

In addition however, users will soon have the option to Blip their own faces and create a profile for themselves that others can access to learn more about them.

Download Blippar on iOS and Android.