Let DJ Khaled give you major keys [Bot of the Week]

dj khaled bot

Major key alert: you can now have DJ Khaled as your life coach.

Simply start a conversation with the DJ Khaled bot on Kik and either ask your own questions or keep the conversation rolling with a steady stream of prompts like “Hit me with a key to success” or “How many pieces of turkey bacon should I have for breakfast?”

Khaled then responds with empowering answers, such as: “Let me open this closed door and provide you with the answer… don’t play yourself” or “most people would over think this, but I’m not most people… stay clean at all times,” which comes along with a stunning high-res GIF of Khaled soaping his face like the meme muse he is.

dj khaled bot

For even more fun, you can unleash the DJ Khaled bot in a group chat by summoning him with @djkhaledbot during a conversation. As the bot itself notes, friends are a major key to success and you’re playing yourself if you think your group doesn’t need DJ Khaled.

You can access the DJ Khaled bot on Kik and Slack.