GasBuddy will help you find cheap gas [App of the week]

GasBuddy app

It’s that time of the year again when family and friends come together for Easter, Passover or simply the long weekend.

Sometimes driving across town, cities, regions over even time zones is necessary to get together with family and driving via car is often the cheapest way to do it. During any long weekend in Canada, gas price hikes are inevitable and GasBuddy is the perfect travel companion for finding the cheapest gas stations near you.

GasBuddy screenshot

GasBuddy, co-developed by Canadian Jason Toews, allows users to find cheap gas stations wherever they’re headed. The Android and Apple app requires GPS-based services on your device and tells you the average price for gas in the city you’re in, as well as the cheapest. You can also search specific locations in cities, such as one you’re traveling to, as well as ‘favourite’ the cities you visit frequently.

You can search for gas stations nearby, chose specific brands, filter what fuel type you’re looking for, and even choose whether you want to order the gas stations through price or distance. The app also allows users to search for gas stations with amenities like a car wash.

GasBuddy works through point-based membership. After making registering and realizing that a gas station price is incorrect, you can update the price in the app and earn points.

The points go towards tickets that you raffle for a daily draw of a $100 gift card. There are a variety of ways to earn points, such as voting in a poll or use the tell-a-friend feature. Every 1000 points equals one entry and the app also offers challenges as a way of earning additional points.

If you’re looking for great app to find you cheap gas, give GasBuddy a try. GasBuddy is available for free in the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store and the Windows Store.