Let your office crush know you like them with Feeld [Bot of the Week]


It’s generally not considered a good idea to get romantically involved with your co-workers, if at all possible. But that’s just the kind of old school ‘societal norm’ that Feeld — the creator of threesome app 3nder — thinks is holding us back.

That’s why it made the Feeld Slack bot, a Tinder-like chat functionality that works to set up coworkers. Simply add the chatbot to your workplace’s Slack group and start up a direct message conversation with Feeld, your new matchmaker. Feeld then explains how it works: @ mention your crush and if your crush also @ mentions you, the bot lets both of you know there could be a mutual ~love~ match.

And just in case, the ick factor wasn’t high enough setting up a hookup on office time, the specific line the bot relays is: “Hey, pretty human. Seems like [blank] has feelings for you! Now go blush and say hi.”

feeld bot

Additionally, the bot has a long-winded manifesto that encourages users to “stay curious and open” and that “having fun at work is awesome, exploring your feelings is what we believe will make us better humans,” before adding the caveat: “Work is work however, always remember the main reason you’re there — to make awesome things with the awesome people in your team.”

It quickly eschews that sensible advice, though, to plug its threesome app (now also called Feeld) stating “And if you want something extra saucy, just download the Feeld app.”

Would you ever use the Feeld bot to feel out whether fellow co-workers had feelings for you? Let us know in the comments.

Or, if you have an open mind and the ability to “stay curious,” get the bot here.