Google launches Android Excellence as a way to filter through the Play Store

An image showcasing the Google Play Store app icon

As the number of apps on Google’s Play Store balloons past three million, Google’s working on a way to help users sift through what often feels like an endless wave of options.

Android Excellence, an offshoot of the Play Store’s ‘Editors’ Choice’ collection, is Google’s way of recognizing apps and games that “use many of our best practices, and have great design, technical performance, localization, and device optimization.”

Google plans on updating its list of Android Excellence selections each quarter, and the full list of awardees is out now.

The list includes free and paid apps and games.

Android Excellence is also likely a way for Google to more fluidly direct Android users towards safe, and fully approved apps and games.

In the past, Google has had difficulty verifying the safety of the apps on the Play Store, with the auto-clicking adware ‘Judy’ serving as an example of what can happen when malicious software is allowed to run rampant.

Source: Google