After winning $500 million from Oculus, ZeniMax wants more money

Oculus Rift

After being awarded $500 million USD in its lawsuit against Oculus, id Software owner ZeniMax is back in court arguing for more money.

While Gamasutra says that that the judge overseeing the case has so far declined to make a judgment, it’s interesting that despite the case ruling in its favour, ZeniMax is still aiming to get more money.

Furthermore, ZeniMax argues that Oculus should be barred via court order from selling its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, which the video game publishers claims features stolen technology. If the court doesn’t opt for this option, ZeniMax is asking for 20 percent of revenue from all sales of Rift hardware. Ars Technica reports that the video game publisher feels it should be awarded approximately another $500 million on top of the original ruling.

Oculus, as expected, is arguing that either of these options are unfair. On its side of the argument, the Facebook-owned company is also seeking damages from ZeniMax for not disclosing key financial information that was request during the trial.

In an amusing turn of events, the judge presiding over the trial said his intent is to “resolve the heck out of [this] big hairy fight.”

Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey, who was at the centre of ZeniMax’s lawsuit, recently departed the company he helped found.

During the initial trial, ZeniMax argued that iconic video game developer John Carmack worked on the Rift while still employed by id Software, and that Luckey had neither the technical expertise nor the knowledge to create the Oculus Rift.

Source: Ars Technica, Upload VR, Gamasutra