TD Canada app makes it easier to add cards to Apple Pay

TD Canada Bank app on iPhone

TD Canada Trust has updated its iOS app to make it easier for customers to use their debit and credit cards in conjunction with Apple Pay.

When you first launch version 8.1.2 of the TD Canada app, you’ll be greeted to a new splash screen that explains the feature. Essentially, it allows TD customers to add a debit or credit card directly through the TD Canada app. Doing so saves users the trouble of using the iPhone’s Wallet app to scan their cards or manually entering their card information. In addition, the feature helps educate users on the availability of Apple Pay.

The app also lists eligible cards, so users can easily find out if their card works with Apple Pay. Verification is handled within the app.

TD, along with the Royal Bank of Canada, recently abstained from supporting Android Pay in favour of its own proprietary mobile banking solutions.

Download the TD Canada app from the iTunes App Store.

Source: iTunes App Store Via: iPhone in Canada