LG’s upcoming smartphone will feature an OLED panel display

LG V20

LG has confirmed that its next smartphone, which is likely the LG V30, will feature a 6-inch plastic OLED panel (P-OLED).

Like the LG G6 and LG’s upcoming Q6, the V30 will likely feature an 18:9 aspect ratio with thinner bezels and a screen that LG describes as a ‘FullVision’ display. Though the device has a larger screen than last year’s model, it will actually be a smaller device.

The lower and upper bezels have been reduced by 50 and 20 percent to achieve this. Furthermore, the display will cover 109 percent of the DCI-P3 colour space, support HDR10 and has reportedly been built with VR performance in mind. Additionally the screen feature a 1440 x 2880 pixel resolution that’s set to be built from Gorilla Glass 5.

LG FullVision

OLED panels, which are commonly used in curved televisions, allows the device’s display to also be slightly curved. The currently unnamed device will be on display at IFA in Berlin on August 31st, according to LG.