Gold plated BlackBerry KEYone is being sold in the UAE

Gold plated blackberry KEYone

Though you’re now able to get yourself a BlackBerry KEYone unlocked in Canada, you definitely can’t get the gold plated version, unless you take a trip to the east.

That’s right, the KEYone is being sold with gold plating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), by Axiom Telecom, an online mobile shopping website based in the UAE.

The device is the same, except now it’s gold plated. This means it still features the keyboard that drew so many to the KEYone, along with 32GB of storage and 3GB of RAM.

Though the gold plated device is stylish and looks great, consumers in the UAE will have to dish out an extra 1000 dirham for the [jpme, which is equivalent to $344.66 CAD. This would raise the price for Canadian smartphone to a $1074.64 CAD which is a little more than what it costs to purchase an iPhone 7 Plus.

Source: PocketNow