Public Mobile wants select customers to join Koodo with $50/5GB promo

Telus is aiming to shift customers from one brand to another


In a move that sees Telus aiming to move customers from one hand to the other, Public Mobile is offering customers a $50 5GB promotional plan with Koodo via text message.

Both carriers are sub-brands of Telus — though Public Mobile exclusively offers prepaid plans, while Koodo’s plans are postpaid, which lock subscribers more firmly into Telus’ ecosystem.

Nonetheless, the promo sparked speculation from some users on Red Flag Deals (RFD) that the promotion could signal the end of Public Mobile.

In response to that assertion, Telus told MobileSyrup: “We know that there are some Public Mobile customers who may be interested in moving over to a post-paid plan and getting their hands on new devices so this promotion is all about giving our customers more choices. Public Mobile is not going anywhere.”

Many Public Mobile subscribers on the RFD forum reported receiving the text message, including MobileSyrup reader @J_PMichaels, who provided a screenshot of the message that was sent to certain Public Mobile users (shown below).

The message presents the offer as follows: “For an additional $10/month, upgrade to unlimited nation-wide minutes and get another 1GB of data at Koodo! That means you can get 5GB and unlimited nation-wide minutes for only $50/month on a Koodo monthly bill!” That message is followed by the promo code KOODO505GB, though our reader notes that it is only valid with the number to which the text was sent.

The message also instructs subscribers to visit their nearest Koodo store to redeem the offer.

Some Public Mobile users on RFD have yet to receive the text, with some wondering whether the lack of offer is linked to the renewal date of their Public Mobile plan or if they simply opted out of receiving commercial offers via text.

Public Mobile’s criteria for sending the text could be any number of variables, including users’ geographic location. In the RFD thread, several Ontario customers confirmed receiving the text.

Public Mobile recently made a stir with customers when it launched a new set of 3G plans while raising prices on its 4G plans.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Telus for comment.

Update 15/08/17: Telus has responded with comment. The article has been updated accordingly.

Source: RFD