Instant Apps is now enabled on more than 500 million Android devices

Android Instant apps

Instant Apps, a feature that allows Android users to run an app without first installing on it on their smartphone, is now enabled on more than 500 million Android devices.

According to Google, the feature, which first started rolling out earlier this year, is currently compatible with Android 6.0 devices and higher, though not every compatible Android smartphone has the functionality currently enabled. Google also mentioned that support for devices running Android Lollipop is on its way.

Additionally, Google said that developers are seeing more users spend time on pages that include the instant app functionality. For example, the time spent on Vimeo has increased by 130 percent since it adopted Instant Apps, while the time spent on Jet, a shopping app, has increased by 27 percent.

To enable Instant Apps, go to the Google settings and under ‘Services’ tap on ‘Instant Apps.’

Source: Android Developers