Arms’ next fighter is a slightly terrifying looking Candy Clown

Whether or not you’re fond of Nintendo Switch fighting game Arms, what’s clear is that the Japanese gaming giant aims to continue supporting the game through multiple updates, a move that Nintendo likely wouldn’t have even considered just a few years ago.

The latest content set to be added to the game includes a pantaloon and candy-clad clown named Lola Pop. The character is somewhat terrifying looking at first, but is also a great example of Arms’ unique, exceedingly eccentric character design.

Nintendo says that Lola Pop is, “a well-traveled clown with a personality as colourful as her clothing.” The character’s stage is also a lollipop-themed plaza of colourful awesomeness. While I haven’t had the chance to try out Lola Pop yet, early impressions indicate that the character is defensive oriented thanks to her swirling nunchucks and large nets – Arms that are great for blocking.

Arms’ last DLC update included offense-focused Max Brass, a late-game boss from the title’s singleplayer campaign. The update doesn’t yet have a release date but is expected drop at some point in the near future.