Apple’s new iPhone could cost as much as $999 USD

iPhone 7 Plus

Perhaps Samsung’s Note 8 $1,299 CAD price tag is not as crazy as it initially seemed.

New reports stemming from The New York Times indicate that the often-rumoured nearly bezel-less next iteration of the iPhone could sell for as much as $999 USD, a price tag that comes to approximately $1,245 CAD.

Early next month Apple is expected to reveal three new iPhones — two that are slightly redesigned, updated versions of the iPhone 7, likely dubbed the iPhone 7s — and a third higher-end device that features a new display.

iPhone 8

The Times also says that the new, third version of the iPhone will feature wireless charging and facial recognition since Apple plans to remove the standard Touch ID fingerprint scanner from the device.

Just a few weeks ago, accidentally released firmware for the HomePod, the tech giant’s upcoming standalone voice-activated assistant device, leaked online, giving intrepid developers the ability to learn more information about the next versions of Apple’s iPhone.

Perhaps the most interesting fact to come out of this leak is the above image of the iPhone 8’s Essential Phone-like, almost bezel-less display.

We’ll have more on Apple’s fall product launches in the coming weeks.

Source: New York Time