Tesla reportedly working on a streaming music service called ‘TTunes’

Tesla Model 3 in-car

Tesla is reportedly creating a streaming music service known as “TTunes.” According to Electrek, an electric car blog that primarily covers Tesla, an insider named “Green” discovered images of the service when poking around a new Tesla software update (you can find the images over on Electrek.

However, Green’s images only show TTunes in the backend, not in the actual Tesla consumer vehicle UI, so it’s unclear if this is the final name of the service. Possible pricing information is currently unknown as well.

Earlier in June at a shareholder meeting, Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggested a music feature was in the works. He said that it’s “very hard to find good playlists or good matching algorithms” and the company have more to share about music sometime later this year.

If Tesla does roll out a music service, it would face competition from major streaming services Spotify and Apple Music. Spotify reached 140 million monthly active users back in June, with an announcement of over 50 million paying subscribers in March. Meanwhile, Apple Music hit 27 million users in June.

Source: Electrek


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