Fido is offering up to $30 off a 6GB BYOD Pulse plan to some customers [Update]

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Some Fido customers are being offered a 6GB bring-your-own-device Fido Pulse plan for either $55, $65 or $75 depending on the customer — representing between $10 and $30 discount from the regular $85 price.

The plan, offered to select customers via email, includes unlimited messaging, Canada-wide calling, Fido Roam and five free hours of data per month through the Data Bytes feature. It’s valid until September 30th for those who have eligible accounts.

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The customer who shared their offer email with MobileSyrup (pictured above) currently has a $60 Fido Pulse BYOP plan with 2GB of data. The new plan offering is a boost in data and monthly price, but also provides significantly more data.

Other customers and MobileSyrup readers subsequently shared their own offer emails, which offered even stronger deals at 6GB for $65 and $55. Two of the customers are located in Ontario, while the one who received the lowest priced deal resides in B.C.

It’s possible the plan is partially in response to Freedom’s recent series of $40/6GB offerings, in order to guard against losing customers who are seeking more data.

To activate the plan, those eligible can do so online, over the phone or in-store.

Update 14/09/17: After publishing news about the $75/6GB promotion, other readers came forward noting that they received $65 and even $55 offers for the same amount of data. This article has been updated with that information, plus screen shots.

Thanks for the tips, Ibor, Richard and Alan!