Canada’s average internet speeds break 60Mbps mark in newest Speedtest Global Index

Canada’s average broadband internet speeds are now resting at 61.13Mbps, according to the August 2017 Speedtest Global Index.

Speedtest by Ookla is a tool for mobile, web or desktop that analyzes internet performance, providing metrics like speeds and latency. The Global Index compares internet speed data from around the world on a monthly basis, taking averages based on the tests performed by the app’s global user-base.

This month, Canada rose up one spot from its July position on the broadband speed chart, going from 18th position to 17th, flanked by Luxembourg at 18th and Norway at 16th. The fastest broadband speeds exist in Singapore, with an impressive 156.25Mbps average. The U.S. came in ninth with 72.71Mbps.

As for wireless, Canada dropped two spots since the last Index was published in July, but actually increased in speed, going from 35.19Mbps to 35.48Mbps. In 15th position, Canada has the fastest mobile internet in North America. In fact, neither the United States nor Mexico made it into the top 25 for wireless speeds.

The country with the highest mobile data speeds is Norway, with a 55.72Mbps average.

It’s worth noting that PCMag, a sister brand to Speedtest, recently completed its annual comprehensive Canadian speed testing, in which writers from the publication drove throughout the country with custom Ookla software that updated every 90 seconds. That test showed much higher average speeds for Canada’s three major carriers. PCMag performed its test using gigabit LTE-capable Samsung Galaxy S8 devices.

In that test, PCMag reported an average download speed of 102.12Mbps for Telus, 99.03Mbps for Bell and 50.69Mbps for Rogers.

Source: Speedtest Global Index