Hasbro unveils Avengers: Infinity War-themed Iron Man AR headset

Avengers Infinity War

Hasbro has announced The Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience, an augmented reality headset based on the popular Marvel superhero and inspired by this year’s Avengers: Infinity War film.

Hasbro Iron Man headset

The Hero Vision allows children or adults to place an Android or iOS smartphone in a pair of goggles that go inside a headset. Phones with Android 5 and higher or iOS 6 and higher will be able run the app.

Using the phone’s camera and a free companion app, the Hero Vision will create an AR overlay of enemies and bases around players, including Infinity War villain Thanos.

Hasbro Iron Man AR gauntlet

With the headset, players can AR world through a custom HUD that emulates the one seen in the movie when there are close-ups of actor Robert Downey Jr.’s face in the Iron Man suit.

Users will have to set up their play area by placing down included AR makers that the phone’s camera will track. Using the two packed-in handpieces, users will be able to see their arms as Iron Man’s gauntlets, which can be used to shoot enemies with his signature repulsor blasts or defend incoming fire from Thanos and his forces.

Hasbro Iron Man Thanos

Hasbro says it also plans to release “Infinity Stone” tokens post-launch, which can be attached to the handpieces and serve as power-ups in the game.

Hasbro’s Iron Man AR headset will cost $50 USD (approximately $63 CAD) and is set for release sometime this spring. Avengers: Infinity War, meanwhile, will hit theatres on May 4th.

Image credit: IMDB

Via: Engadget