Mo ‘Updates’ Versi is leaving HTC

Who will we go to now to find out the latest details on HTC's software updates?


Normally we don’t cover when a mid-level executive leaves a smartphone OEM for a new gig, but in the case of Mo Versi — someone we love dearly at MobileSyrup, even though we’ve never met him — we decided to make an exception.

After eight years at his post, Versi is leaving HTC.

Versi announced the move via Twitter on Monday morning. Since 2014, he has served as the company vice-president of product management. Of course, while that was his official role, most HTC fans knew Versi as the guy who told them when to expect the next software update for their HTC device.

Versi hasn’t said where his career is taking him next, nor if anyone will take on the mantle of keeping the HTC faithful up-to-speed on the company’s latest software developments permanently. In the meantime, Versi has asked HTC fans to direct their update-related questions to Jeff Gordon, HTC’s global director of public relations.

Source: Twitter Via: Android Police