Jay and Silent Bob return in virtual reality

Viewers will step into the shoes of Silent Bob

Jay and Silent Bob

American media company STX Entertainment has announced a virtual reality comedy staring Jay and Silent Bob from the movie Mallrats.

The new comedy will be a VR experience from the perspective of Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) as he follows Jay (Jason Mewes) through a string of classic adventures.

The series will be written, directed and produced by Smith and it will be a collection of short-form live action stories.

Smith announced a new movie featuring the slacker duo last year, tentatively called Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

STX Entertainment is also looking to launch a host of other VR shows such as an Ed Helms comedy called New Tricks, a Mile 22 spinoff called The Kiev Exchange and an untitled Dave Bautista project.

Image credit: Machinima

Source: Tracking Board, STXsurreal Via: IGN