Microsoft Layout lets users organize rooms in the real world with HoloLens

Microsoft's only HoloLens news was enterprise-oriented

At the 2018 Build conference, Microsoft had two main mixed reality reveals, both focused on enterprise use.

The first announcement was Remote Assist — a remote assistance application — and the second was Layout, a way for users to layout rooms using augmented reality (AR).

Both applications are very much in-line with expectations for what the first widespread AR applications will look like for enterprise users, but perhaps the more futuristic and intriguing app is Layout.

With Layout, customers can import 3D models to create and edit room layouts in real-world scale — either in virtual or augmented reality.

In a video showcasing the application, Microsoft showed a user laying out a section of a factory floor. While on the floor, the user spots an issue with the machine layout infringing on a forklift’s path.

Microsoft is offering a limited-time free preview of Remote Assist and Layout upon release on May 22nd, 2018.

Source: Microsoft