Google is launching Morse code for Gboard

The new tech helps those who use inputs to communicate in dots and dashes

In a moving video shown at today’s Google I/O developer conference, Google showed how one user employs switches mounted near her head on a wheelchair to communicate via Morse code.

Along with the video, Google announced that Morse code support for Gboard is launching in beta today, allowing more users with specific accessibility needs to effectively communicate through the use of mobile technology.

Much like Microsoft’s 2018 Build keynote, Google is putting emphasis on accessible technology during its developer conference, which pairs well with the company’s push towards more artificial intelligence-based tech.

To set up the Morse keyboard, users need to take the following steps:

  1. Sign up for the Gboard beta 
  2. Open Settings in the smartphone
  3. Tap System > Languages & input
  4. Tap Virtual keyboard > Gboard
  5. Tap Languages > English (US)
  6. Swipe left through the options and choose Morse code.
  7. Tap Done
  8. To use, when the keyboard is on, switch to the Morse code option by pressing the globe symbol

For more detailed instructions on use and how to connect an external switch, click here.