NES Classic goes back on sale in Canada on June 29

NES Classic Edition

The NES Classic Edition is making its way back to Canadian store shelves, Nintendo of Canada announced on Sunday evening.

In Canada, Nintendo will start selling the micro-console again on June 29th.

While Nintendo shipped more than 2.3 million units of the NES Classic, the throwback micro-console was notoriously difficult to buy. Incredibly high demand led to many units ending up on eBay, priced significantly above MSRP. In April 2017, Nintendo announced it was discontinuing the system. Prior to the launch of the SNES Classic, the company then announced it planned to bring back the console sometime in 2018.

The NES Classic ships with 30 pre-installed games, including The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. and Final Fantasy.

Do you plan to pick up the NES Classic now that it’ll be available again? Let us know in the comment section.

Source: Nintendo of Canada