Google’s still working on updates for its Project Jacquard jacket

Yep, Google and Levi's jacket is going strong (just don't wash it)

Google’s Project Jacquard-equipped Levi’s jean jacket hasn’t been in the news much lately — probably because there hasn’t been much to say.

But for everyone wondering, hey, what happened to Google’s weird idea where you could use touch controls on your jacket sleeves to control your phone, but you could only wash it ten times? Today’s your lucky day.

That’s because Google just rolled up some updates for the the $350 USD jacket, proving that there are at least a few Googlers still toiling away on the project.

The updates include a feature that lets wearers toggle noise cancellation on some Bose headsets, a feature that alerts users their Lyft or Uber has arrived via the jacket’s snap tag and the ability to drop a pin while travelling and save a location.

While this update probably doesn’t affect you — unless you’re one of the few who snagged this jacket — it is a positive sign that we might see Google’s fascinating copper core capacitive threads in more pieces in the future.

Via: Android Police