All three 2018 iPhone models to feature OLED displays: report

iPhone X

All three of Apple’s new 2018 iPhones will feature OLED displays, according to a recent report from South Korea’s ET News (via Google Translate).

This is something of a new development; previous reports stated the company planned to release two OLED iPhone X-type models and a low-cost LCD model with a 6.1-inch display this September.

Quoting an unnamed Apple official, ET News writes: “Apple recently started planning the iPhone model in 2019 and decided to adopt OLED in all three types…”

As MacRumors notes, while this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that all three new iPhones will feature OLED displays, the financial markets are taking this report with more weight than past ones.

The report sent shares of Apple’s two main LCD suppliers, Japan Display and Sharp, into a downward spin. In one day, Japan Display shares dropped by 21 percent, while Sharp saw its shares decline by 4.3 percent.

Samsung is currently Apple’s sole OLED supplier, a situation the California tech giant has been trying to remedy all through the past year.

In an effort to diversify its supply chain, Apple has invested billions of dollars into LG Display. As recently as last month, however, the Wall Street Journal was reporting that Apple was questioning LG’s ability to manufacture high-quality displays at scale. This new report suggests Apple is confident enough in LG to move forward with an all OLED iPhone lineup.

Source: ET News (Korean) Via: MacRumors, Bloomberg