Google shows the top ‘dad’ searches of the year in tribute to fathers everywhere

Google headquarters

In celebration of Father’s Day, Google released some of the most interesting “dad” search trends from the past year.

The compilation of searches reveals some interesting things about this year in dad. From our love of dad humour to our need for dad fashion, we’re obsessed with dads.

For example, Google Image searches for “dad jokes” have increased by 130 percent in the last 12 months. That’s a lot of extra searches for “dad jokes,” but nothing compared to the dad fashion craze.

The hottest new fashion trend

Dad-chic is the new style these days. According to U.S. data over the past 12 months, searches for dad shoes and hats have skyrocketed.

“Gucci dad shoes” and “Umbro dad shoes” searches are up 5,000 percent. Searches for “Balenciaga dad shoes” are also up 2,800 percent. “Dad shoes trend” and “Fila dad shoes” are up 850 percent and 550 percent, respectively.

As far as hats go, people really like the “Rick and Morty dad hat” and “Black Panther dad hat.” Both queries have seen a 5,000 percent increase in searches. What exactly they’re searching for is beyond me. I made a search myself and eventually found my way to this cool baseball cap featuring Morty’s dad, Jerry.

“Off white dad hat” has seen a 500 percent increase in searches and “champion dad hat” is up 300 percent.


Google also drew up a list of the ten most-searched new celebrity dads searched worldwide this year. Kanye West gained the top spot, followed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Prince William got the third most searches. Tristan Thompson, a Canadian power forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers was searched fourth most.

Furthermore, John Legend, Adam Levine and Hugh Grant ranked fifth, sixth and seventh, respectively. Seth Meyers, Jeffrey Dean Morgan — who plays Negan on The Walking Dead — and American actor John Stamos round out the top ten.

With all this new love for dads, they’re sure to receive some appreciation this Father’s Day. Whatever your dad searches — looking for the hottest new kicks or hunting for that last minute Father’s Day gift — Google wishes you a happy Father’s Day.

Source: Google Blog