Samsung takes aim at iPhone’s dongle problems and more in latest ad campaign

Samsung takes an easy shot at Apple's lack of a headphone jack and lower DXoMark score

Samsung loves taking shots at Apple products in its commercials, and the company’s latest ad campaign is no exception.

The company released three new ads as part of its ‘Ingenius’ series. Each ad focuses on an aspect of the iPhone and how Samsung’s Galaxy S9 overcomes that shortcoming.

All of the ads portray an iPhone customer talking to an Apple Store Genius in a sort of awkward and confused manner. They’re all pretty funny, and the short and simple format makes them easy to remember.

The first ad highlights the lack of a bundled fast charger with the iPhone X and the fact that users will need to buy a lighting-to-USB-C cord and an 18W power adapter to quickly charge an iPhone. Of course, Samsung points this out since it bundles a fast charger with the S9 series.

The next ad is all about the cameras. The Genius and the customer are chatting about DxOMark scores and how the S9 is rated higher by the mobile camera review site.

The customer asks if the Genius believes in the scores. The Genius just replies by saying “I believe in this,” and points to the Apple logo/his heart.

The final ad highlights the iPhone’s lack of a headphone port and its reliance on dongles.

A customer is looking for a phone that will let him use his favourite headphones, but then he learns how many dongles a user needs to charge and listen to music with 3.5mm headphones.

The one thing all of these ads have in common is they portray the customers as confused, almost like they don’t really know what any of these things mean, and they just want their device to work. None of the ads show the S9, so they come off just as Apple bashing.

It seems like Samsung’s main goal is to simply showcase the iPhone’s missing features rather than explain that there are phones, made by Samsung, that have more features.

Source: Samsung