Kingdom Hearts is getting a free PlayStation VR experience later this year

Kingdom Hearts VR

Square Enix and Disney have announced that a free Kingdom Hearts VR experience will launch on the PlayStation VR sometime this holiday.

While Square remained coy about specific details about the experience, the company confirmed that it will be a “10-minute interactive video” that lets players “relive some of their favorite memories” from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

The experience will also feature some of the series’ most popular songs, which is a welcome treat, given how uniformly excellent Yoko Shimomura’s compositions have been.

Two of the images from the blog post appear to show first-person melee combat with the Keyblade, series protagonist Sora’s signature weapon. However, it’s unclear if this will be player-controlled, perhaps even through a PlayStation Move controller.

This marks the first time that Kingdom Hearts has been featured in a VR experience. Square Enix did not confirm if the experience will be exclusive to the PlayStation VR or if it may come to other VR platforms as well.

In other Kingdom Hearts news, Square Enix also revealed the newest trailer for the hotly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III, which features a first look at the San Fransokyo world from Disney’s Big Hero 6.

Mobile gamers aren’t left out, however. Square Enix announced last week that a new event in the Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] mobile game that will tie into Kingdom Hearts III.

Now, players who take part in classic Disney cartoon-inspired mini-games in the mobile game can unlock content in Kingdom Hearts III when it launches in January 2019.

Source: PlayStation Blog