Wi-Fi Alliance introduces new naming conventions, 802.11ax will be WiFi 6

The Alliance will rename old standards as well

WiFi symbol, iOS

If you find Wi-Fi naming conventions confusing, you aren’t alone. However, the Wi-Fi Alliance is about to make things a lot easier.

The Alliance, which is composed of a global network of companies that promote and certify Wi-Fi technology, will name its next version of Wi-Fi ‘WiFi 6.’

This means users can say goodbye to terms like 802.11ac and 802.11ax. The latter, which will take on the monicker of WiFi 6, is due to release in 2019.

The new approach to Wi-Fi names should help manufacturers, operators and users understand wireless internet better. Furthermore, the shift should help with marketing new Wi-Fi capabilities.

The Alliance will also rename old standards, with 802.11n becoming WiFi 4 and 802.11ac being called WiFi 5.

Overall, this is a positive change. It makes it much easier for people to understand Wi-Fi’s various versions. Most importantly, users can determine how new their Wi-Fi is at a glance.

For example, WiFi 6 is obviously newer than WiFi 5, while 802.11ax is not clearly newer than 802.11ac.

Source: Engadget