Samsung Mobile U.S.’ Twitter account disses the Pixel 3 XL’s notch

Samsung logo

Samsung U.S.’ Twitter account seems to be feeling a little sassy.

A day after the Google Pixel 3 XL’s launch, the company’s official Twitter account dropped shade pointed at smartphones that feature notches.

One of Samsung’s tweets comes as a response to a Twitter user that asked the tech giant to save them from the notch.

Another tweet Samsung responded to was from a user who tagged Samsung US while telling Google that they copied a lot from the South Korean Company when it comes to the Pixel 3.

Samsung’s reply to this statement was even cheekier than before.

This last one is a doozie.

It’s likely a user tagged Samsung in a tweet commenting about the Google Pixel 3. However, it’s unclear if the user deleted their tweet or if their account is set to private. Either way, it looks like Samsung is having a bit of fun at Google’s expense.

Samsung is often very good at poking fun at its competitors. However, let’s see what happens next year as rumours indicate that the company will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack — a move the company has relentlessly mocked Apple about on numerous occasions.

Source: SamMobile