Snapchat adds Lenses you can share with your cats

Pffft, copy this Instagram

Social media platform Snapchat is adding new AR Lenses designed for cats to its app.

The company quietly rolled out the feature over the last few days. Users can select a few Lens that work on cats and humans. The updated Lenses are marked with a small paw print in the app.

As far as I can tell there are only two Lenses that are updated, but I don’t have a cat at work to test out the other new Lenses.

Overall, this is a hilarious update, and I’m sure anyone with a cat is going to love taking pictures of it with AR objects attached to its head.

Last year Snapchat released Lenses capable of recognizing specific objects in the frame. For example, if a dog was detected, the filter placed cartoon dog bones around the image.

These Lenses aren’t as interactive as the new cat Lenses, so it will be interesting to see if Snap ends up adding more animals-focused lenses.

Either way, have fun snap-catting.