Chrome 70 update features fingerprint authentication for websites and rounded search bar widget

Google is rolling out Chrome 70 for Android on the Play Store throughout the next few weeks. While Google says the update comes with stability performances, 9to5Google’s teardown reveals much more.

For privacy reasons, Chrome 70 will not include “the Android and iOS build number in the user-agent identification string visible to websites,” according to 9to5Google. Reportedly, the change helps prevent users from being targeted or fingerprinted by malicious sites or actors.

Additionally, Chrome 70 allows a website to access a handset’s fingerprint sensor to use as web authentication.

Chrome 70 will also add a Material Design search widget with a pill-shaped bar, replacing the square search bar.

Further, there is a “downloads” menu so users can easily see where the phone stores downloaded files. Lastly, users will be able to turn on an option that says “Ask where to save files.”

Source: 9to5Google