Google app beta teardown reveals new Voice Match and Assistant features

Google app on Pixel 2 XL

A breakdown of version 8.39 of the Google app beta has revealed that new features are coming to the app.

The teardown, performed by 9to5Google, details information about new Android Auto functionality and more about the now missing “Unlock with Voice Match” feature.

To start, 9to5 recently discovered that a previous beta update added a code string listed as “kitt_device” that they believed was related to Assistant on Android Auto. Version 8.39 confirmed that kitt_device is related to both Android Auto and Google Assistant. 9to5 was also able to “Add a car,” in the Services section of Assistant.

Within the Google app, version 8.39 reveals that there is a redesign coming to the “More” tab. The “More” tab will receive the Google Material Theme update with hollowed-out icons, and a new account switcher, with the Google logo at the top.

Additionally, version 8.39 will add a new ‘Search activity’ and ‘Your data in Search.’ options as well.

With Google getting rid of its main Voice unlock feature, they seem to have added a new ‘Voice Match’ feature, that doesn’t unlock the user’s device, but instead will allow users access to personal email, calendar, contacts and reminders.

Google will rename ‘Feed’ to ‘Discover’, and there is a feature that allows users to adjust exactly how much of a specific content shows up on the Feed.

Lastly, there is also an option to add a Google Assistant icon.

Those interested in the latest Google updates can sign up, here. Note that I have version 8.39 of the Google app beta but some of these updates haven’t hit my device yet.

Source: 9to5Google