Developers must support the iPad Pro 3 or iPhone XS Max by March 2019

Apple has laid down the law about developing apps for the new iPad Pros

Apple just released the new iPad Pro, and it has a unique design that gets rid of the home button. The search giant has placed a time limit for app developers to support the new hardware and make space for users’ gestures.

The iOS developer page explains that devs must build new apps with the iOS 12.1 SDK by March 2019. Alongside supporting the newest version of iOS, devs must support the screen size on either the iPhone XS Max or the latest iPad Pro.

Since the home button is missing on the modern iPads, users have to navigate the OS by using gestures, which need a bit of extra space at the bottom of the display so users don’t hit the apps buttons when they’re trying to multitask or go home.

This isn’t the only change. Developers are required to implement a lot of new features, like support for the new Apple Pencil and external hardware that can now connect via USB-C.

Interestingly enough, Apple doesn’t have any mandate for the smaller 11-inch iPad Pro, even though it features an entirely new aspect ratio.

To find out more about Apple’s developer rules relating to its new hardware, check out the company’s developer portal. 

Source: Apple Via: VentureBeat